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The Trojans

They wanted to call themselves the "Scoobies" but it was taken. Read below to find out more about Ryan, Tom, Jacey and Stan, Troy's paranormal posse, "THE TROJANS".


Jacey Sumner

Right. I'm Jacey, I'm fifteen and I'm from Manchester, England. My father was killed in a horrific accident, so I came to Troy to live with my godparents, the Kims. I've had trouble making friends, girl friends, in Troy. If I try to tell you why I'll come off as a right conceited twit, but you're smart and you'll figure it out. I've been hanging around with Tara Wildman, but she's can be a pratty bitch really, and now she's gone and got Ryan in trouble, all because she's jealous of Ellie, the new new-girl. I quite like Goth-Chic, but she doesn't seem to want to be bessy with me right now. She's thinks we're too different. But we're not really. She'll learn all about that in Helens-of-Troy 2: Hells Belles.

Ryan Lachey

I play football, dude. What the f*ck else do you need to know?


Tom Williams

"The two of them, Ellie and Jacey. They're doing my head in."





Stan Lachey

On Halloween, I tried to warn everybody about THEM. The Human Eating Monsters. But no one believed me.  I think I'll just stay in my room.

Bad decision.



 "This is Stillman's Creek out by Wildman's farm. This is where I dragged the body out of the water. It LOOKS creepy in the day, and IS freakin' creepy at night.'' -Ryan