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The Vampire and the Shadowman


        When you get right down to it, who is really good and who is really evil? 

        As with everyone, there is more than one side to the dark, broody men the Helens encounter.

    Get to know the vampire Gaspar BonVillaine,  and the shadowman Whistling Willie by reading their comments below...and stay away from Stillman's Creek, no matter how inviting the invitation. 


           GASPAR BONVILLAINE     


Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding that vampires are totally misunderstood. I had a rough childhood, but does anyone really care? My mother was murdered-the human's say it was justified, but when did they become God? She's dead as in dead. No afterlife for her. So how come I'm the bad guy?

I invite you to watch the clip from National Geographic's IS IT REAL series (video below) to learn more about my kind. And if you happen to come across one on the street, say hi. Who knows. Being friendly might just save your life.  Or not...






I am a shadowman. I know the  evil that lurks in all entities.

Back in the 1930's there was a radio show-The Shadow- that opened with the line "who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?" 

The guy had a lot of style...for a mortal. But let's face it - he had it easy. Try being stuck in pergatory until you save a thousand souls. And not just any souls. If they're not evil demons then apparently they don't count. Takes one to know one, they say.